TeacherGaming Desk's new review page has multiple levels of information! It makes visible which curriculum alignments your students have practiced, which games have been played the most and how active each individual student has been.

Accessing the review

  1. Go to the review page by clicking the Review on the top of the Desk page.
  2. Check that you have selected the curriculum of your choice with the Change Curriculum button.
  3. Select what you want to review: All the lessons or one specific lesson, and whole class or one individual student.

Review of a lesson

After completing the lesson you can review how your class did in the game. This review is saved to TeacherGaming Desk and you can get back to it whenever you want to. The review provides you information about the following:

  • Curriculum skills practised on this lesson: How many of your students have practised different curriculum alignments.
  • 21st Century Skills practised on this lesson: How many of your students have practised different 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, cooperation and communication.
  • Activities completed by students: Activities are the goals of the lesson's play phase. How many students have completed activities, and how many activities each individual student has completed.

Review of everything

You can also see all the lesson and playing data collected on one page. There's the data of a whole class and of an individual student. The review of everything provides you information about:

  • Last played games: Which games have been played last and by who.
  • Most played games: Which games your class has played the most - and how much is that.
  • Most active students: Which of your students have played the most on this class.
  • Most learned subjects: Which curriculum based subjects your students have learnt the most while playing.
  • Curriculum skills practised by the class: You can see the whole curriculum tree of the skills your students have been practising while playing. The number in front of the curriculum alignment represents on how many times students have been practiced the alignment.

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