By default, the TeacherGaming App saves all configurations and downloads and uses downloaded games in the folder /Users/%USER%/Library/Application Support on Mac. However, one can set a custom location where games and configurations will be saved and used by adding the file .tgconf.json to one of these locations:

  • /etc/.tgconf.json
  • <user home folder>/.tgconf.json
  • <current folder where runs from>/.tgconf.json

Content of the .tgconf.json file

The .tgconf.json file is a json file, which should look like this:

  "runpath": "current"

The file's runpath can be set to ”current”, which then saves data into current directory where the file is, or to any path which you would like to use - for example "/etc/tgdatas".

You can use the variables %HOME% and %USER% to point to the user's home directory or use the current user's username.

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