TeacherGaming App supports proxy settings. However in order to add the settings through the App itself you need to be able to login with a class ID and student ID first.

This might not be possible if the login is not working due to the need to use proxy settings for login. In this case you can create the proxy settings file yourself.

1.) Navigate to TeacherGaming App directory and locate the config folder.
2.) Inside the config folder create a new file called proxy.json.
3.) Place the following text to the file

"username":"username here"
"password":"password here",

4.) Change the settings to match your proxy server settings and save the file.
5.) Launch the App and try to login.

If you are still unable to login please take a look at our other help article regarding connection issues with the TeacherGaming App at http://help.teachergaming.com/teachergaming-desk/troubleshooting/why-doesnt-the-teachergaming-app-work-correctly.

If nothing is working for you please get in touch with us for more help.

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