On TeacherGaming Desk you don’t have to know which game you want to use ­– you just have to know what you want to teach. You can browse lesson plans, not only games, which makes it easier for you to see, what the game is all about.


Instead of browsing all the lessons, you have multiple options for how to filter the lesson search:

 1. Search with basic filters, including subject, platforms and age ranges. This is the most simply way to browse through different games and lessons to see, what Desk offers.

2. Filter by curriculum alignments. Every lesson is connected to specific curriculum alignments. Desk remembers which curriculum you have selected, but you can always change your choice.  

3. Search with text. This is the best option if you know which game you are looking for, or if you have a certain tag word in your mind.


You can preview each lesson to find the one you feel like running.

  • On a Game tab there’s a game video and some basic information about the game.
  • On a Lesson tab you can preview the entire lesson including it’s Theory, Play and Share & Discuss sections. 
  • On a Curriculum tab there’s curriculum alignment details of the curriculum you have selected. (You can change the current curriculum on a curriculum search.)
  • On a Requirements tab you can check out lessons hardware requirements and prerequisites.
  • On a Group tab you can see which lesson groups the lesson is part of.

FAQ's about Selecting the Lesson

“How long are the lessons? The lesson plan is for 60 minutes lesson, but we only have 40 minutes.”
The length of the lesson is just an estimate. You can make every lesson the length that fits to your needs, for example by having a shorter or longer playing phase. Also, if you didn’t have enough time to go through the whole lesson, you can continue it later from where you left off! 

“Do I have to teach every lesson of a lesson series?”
You can of course teach the exact lessons you want to! However, the first lesson has usually more information about the gameplay and instructions for students about the game, which is why starting with the first lesson of a series is recommendable.

“Can I create my own lesson plans?”
You can edit the lesson plan as much as you want to, to make it more suitable for your class! More on that can be read here: Editing a Lesson.

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