Class Sharing is a feature that lets you share classes you have created in TeacherGaming Desk with other educators from your school.

Enabling Class Sharing

1. Log in to TeacherGaming Desk.
2. In the top right corner, use the drop-down menu to select the class you want to share.

3. In the same drop-down menu, select "manage current class".
4. Click on the "Change" button in the top left corner of the screen. To disable class sharing at any time, click on the button again.

How is it different from just having the class on your own account? Sharing a class lets students accumulate progress and skill data from several lessons, taught by different teachers. A teacher that is using a shared class cannot make changes to the class (add or remove students). This means that the teacher in charge of the class always remains in control.

What can the teacher who owns the class do? They can revoke class sharing or cancel lessons for that class at any time. If someone has not finished or cancelled a lesson with your class, you can simply cancel it to start a new one.

When should I use class sharing? If your class is taught by multiple teachers that use TeacherGaming Desk, then class sharing will allow you to share progress data for your class. Class sharing also allows you to free up student slots for your subscription, as the same students are not repeated in different classes for separate teachers.

How can I access a class that has been shared to me? You can find the class in the drop-down class selection menu.

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