KerbalEdu works a bit different than the other license games in the TeacherGaming Store. KerbalEdu uses a licensing system which means that you need to install and run the game through the TeacherGaming App (available for download at This App can be downloaded to just one computer and KerbalEdu installed there. After the installation is done you can share the App folder to any computer you wish to use the software on. The installation on the other computers is no longer needed - the game will work instantly through the App.

In order to allow your students to login and play the game you need to create them student ID's at TeacherGaming Desk ( Easiest way to get familiar with the system is to go through a quick 5-10 minute tutorial which you can find under the yello "I Need Help" button on top right corner. Once the class and students have been entered into the system each of them can use the class ID and student ID to login to App and launch the game.

You can read more about the changes we have made at

If you need any help or feel confused please get in touch with us and we will make sure to get you started with the new version of KerbalEdu!

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