For private users, the orders will be processed immediately. The educational institutions will need to be verified first after registering, but after the verification the credit card and PayPal orders will be processed immediately. 

The orders with other payment methods take a bit longer. Purchase orders need to be checked by our staff before the order is accepted. After completing the checkout process you need to send us a digital copy of the purchase order either through the contact form on our page or by emailing it to An invoice will be sent to you by email within 24 hours (excluding weekends) of receiving the purchase order and the game will become available for download. 

The invoice can also be accessed by logging in to the TeacherGaming Store with your account. With the invoice payment method, you will receive an invoice immediately after placing the order. However the order will not be processed until we have received the payment for the invoice. Some international bank transfers may take up to eight business days to complete, so with the invoice payment method the order may take almost two weeks to complete and for the download to become available.

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