To use all the TeacherGaming games, you need to install the Student App on student devices. The App is used to install and launch all the games available on TeacherGaming Desk. 


  1. No installation required. This version can be used immediately.
  2. Go to and click on Login to Web App.


  1. Download the Windows App from
  2. Unzip to a directory of your choice. Preferably not under Program Files, TeacherGaming App needs write access to its installation folder and %APPDATA%\Roaming\TeacherGaming in order to install and run the games.
  3. Run the app from TeacherGaming.exe.

Windows, Full Package

By downloading a Full Package App, you don’t have to install each existing game separately, since they are included in the package. The installation procedure is identical with the regular Windows App above.


  1. Download the Mac App from
  2. Open the .dmg file.
  3. Drag TeacherGaming to Applications.
  4. Run TeacherGaming from Applications.

Please note TeacherGaming App requires write access to the installation folder and Application Support folder (~/Library/Application Support/TeacherGaming). 


  1. Download the Android App from
  2. Install the .apk. You need to allow installing from "untrusted" source, which you can do on the settings of your device. Go to Settings → Security and allow installing from Unknown Sources. (Read more about downloading apps from other sources to your Android devices.) 
  3. Open the app.


  1. Find the free TeacherGaming app on the App Store. You can also use the direct link at
  2. Install TeacherGaming App from App Store.
  3. Open the App.

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