If you are using a MacBook and have trouble with the installation, please read the article on Allowing TeacherGaming App on MacBooks

After you have installed the TeacherGaming App make sure the TeacherGaming App and the games therein can access the following ports and addresses on the Internet.

Note: The most convenient and future-proof way to get the App and all games working is just to whitelist *.teachergaming.com ports 80 and 443 (http, https)

TeacherGaming App

analyticsdata.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)
app.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)
desktopapp2.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)
tgdesktopapp.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)
desk.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)
signed.cdn.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)

All Games

analyticsdata.teachergaming.com:(80, 443) (http, https)

Individual games

These ports are only required to be opened should your students be playing the games below.

Switch & Glitch

5138.playfabapi.com:(443) (https)
For multiplayer to work: Any address, ports: 843, 4530, 4531, 4533, 5055, 5056, 5058, 6060, 6061, 6063, 9090, 9091, 9093, 19090, 19091, 19093

If this doesn't solve your issues and you need help with a proxy server please refer to our other help article at http://help.teachergaming.com/teachergaming-desk/can-i-use-proxy-settings-with-teachergaming-app!

Content Blocker

Some content blockers might stop the app from downloading a game and can corrupt game downloads (especially large games, like Cities Skylines). This will cause the game not to launch from the App. If you are using content blocker at your school, please try allowing TeacherGaming App in your content blocker or try disabling the content blocker while the game is being downloaded.

Log files

TeacherGaming App records run.log and localServer.log files that keep track of events. If there's an issue, the log-files can be used to figure out what's wrong. 

You can find the log files

  • On Windows under %APPDATA%\Roaming\TeacherGaming 
  • On Mac under Library/Application Support/TeacherGaming

If you run into issues that aren't solved by the articles, please attach the log-files with your support request to speed up the process.

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