TeacherGaming Desk is an online platform that provides teachers games and tools to use games in their classroom. Our games are entertainment games with a great pedagogical potential. To make games accessible for teachers, on TeacherGaming Desk there’s a whole educational package for every game, including ready-made lesson plans and real-time learning analytics.

On TeacherGaming you can purchase a subscription package of all the games. This way all the teachers of your school can take advantage of games in their classrooms.

What can I do with TeacherGaming Desk?

If you’re a teacher, you can...

  • Find games for your classroom. TeacherGaming Desk provides over 40 games for different subjects and age groups. You can search games based on the subject, age range and curriculum alignments.
  • Run a game-based learning lesson with our ready-made lesson plans, which makes teaching with games easy.
  • Track your students’ progress during the lesson while they play and learn, with our real-time learning analytics.
  • Review your students’ learning after every lesson - and whenever you want to.

If you're a student, you can...

  • Study on the lessons your teacher is running on TeacherGaming Desk. The structure of each lesson is always the same, so you know what to expect.
  • Learn by playing games as a part of each lesson. The games aren't only educational, they are also engaging.
  • Use only one App for installing and using the games.

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