Student ID and Class ID are the credentials students use to login to TeacherGaming App. (What is the TeacherGaming App?) Students don't have to create any accounts: both Class ID and Student ID are managed by the teacher.

Student ID

Every student in a class needs an unique Student ID, that is used for logging in to TeacherGaming App and also for tracking the activity and reviewing the progress of each individual student.

How to create Student ID's?

Student ID's are always created by teachers. To create Student ID's: 

  1. Go to TeacherGaming Desk. On the top right corner click on Manage Class.
  2. Click on Add Students button to add new students to the class you have selected.
  3. Write each Student ID on a new line and don't forget to save.

What should the Student ID be?

Student ID can be the student's first name or nickname, or anything you can recognize your students from. There can't be two students with the same name on one class, so adding the first letter of their last name can be a way for you to identify them. The Student ID can't consist of students first and last name, though. (Why? Read about our Data Protection and Processing.) 

If you are not sure how to add Student IDs please go through the tutorial available on TeacherGaming Desk. You can find the tutorial behind the I Need Help menu.

Class ID

Class ID is an identification code that our system automatically generates when you create a class in our system. You'll find the Class ID on the Manage Class page (under XXXXX in the photo below) or while you're running a lesson on a Play phase. 

If you want to change your Class ID without removing the whole class, you can do it on the Manage Class page. Click on the Edit, tick the box "Generate a new one" and click on Done. Now your class have a fresh Class ID.

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